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"This is one of the most complete and authoritative guides to businesses in Memphis and Shelby County available anywhere. . . This is one resource you can’t afford to be without."

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About the Database

Doing Business In Memphis is also available as a MSAccess database, which allows you to custom build a specifically targeted list. You can select and sort on a variety of parameters including Number of Employees, Zip Codes, SIC codes, Home Office City/State, etc.

You can also select on any number of job titles: Owners, CEOs, Presidents, HR Dir., Office Mgr.,
VPs, etc. You can also combine these searches to strategically target your prospects.

On your end, you must have a copy of Microsoft Access 97, 2000, or XP on your system. (Full Microsoft Office Professional preferred.)

As with Doing Business In Memphis eBook, the data is continually updated and all listings verified annually by phone by our Data Researchers. The big advantage to using the database version of Doing Business In Memphis is, of course, the ability to target various market segments by multiple criteria, merge those selections to form letters, labels, or export those selected Companies and Contacts for a service bureau — or for import into ACT! or other Contact Manager. Plus, there are built-in templates for producing reports for follow-ups, telemarketing, etc.

We provide full support for your database.   Also included with either a full or partial database is a bound hardcopy of our Doing Business In Memphis Database Help Guide and SIC Code Directory which covers all aspects of your database (and the underlying data) and includes over 30 screen shots and step-by-step instructions on how to formulate and modify your queries, how to link your queries to reports, common database operators and how to use them — in short, how to get the most from your marketing data.

(A copy of the DBIM Help Guide is also included in .PDF format as part of your database installation. It's always there if you need it!)

Even if you've never used a database before, this guide will make it easy. Plus, should you require further assitance, we are always available for phone support. Just call during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

Full Database Cost:   The price of the full database is $1,150.00  

Partial Database Cost:   A partial database, customized to your specifications (number of employees, Zip Code, SIC, specific titles etc.,) is $350.00 per 1,000 records. (Or $.35 ¢ per record.)   Minimum Order: 1,000 records.

How to order your database:   Just call us at 901.590.0050. We'll answer any questions you may have and set a time for delivery.








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